The Space Ops Mission

We are here to provide access to space for everybody. The time is right for us to now take on the challenge that is space launch. We are here to be part of that push into the unknown and go further than we have ever gone before.

The Space Ops Crew

We are a team of engineers from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines. Mechanical, Mechatronic, Aeronatuical, Electrical, Software and Business we form a team ready to take on any challenge. Years of industry and entrepreneurial experience help guide us into the new space economy.

We are training the next generation of rocket scientists by providing internships to University students.

Rocky 1

Rocky 1 is our first launch vehicle. Designed from the ground up in Sydney, Australia. This rocket will carry nanosatellites to space for low cost and minimum wait times.

Rocky 1 is a two stage O2 and Kerosene engine with the capability to return both stages to landing sites for fast refurbishment and reuse within 48 hours.

We design, test and fly our own rocket engines. All technologies and support use locally sourced suppliers to provide us with the fastest turn around times and cost effective launches on the planet.

Rocky 1 will provide dedicated payload deployments for each customer. No need to be secondary payloads and wait for full bookings of flights. Fly direct to space with your payload onboard the Rocky 1.

Booking a flight

We are ready to take bookings in preperation of our first series of flights to space. Subortial flights during 2018 and orbital flights during 2019.

Taking the leap with us early on will mean the potential for great long term partnerships. We are very interested to hear about your projects and seeing how we can help support your mission needs.


We are always looking for new companies and space enthusiasts to talk to and plan missions with.

Feel free to email us at

We are also on Facebook and Twitter @spaceopsaus