Educational products and tools


As part of our work developing rockets, we are also moving into developing the other technologies that form part of the space ecosystem. The fundamental reasons to building rockets today is to have access to space. That access to space means we can do quite a few things like provide data on weather, provide communications for people around the world and enable people to be in space. These are only some of the reasons to be in space.

But to achieve all this feats, you need an understanding of the physical world and the technologies that enable these capabilities. We’ve been working on the challenge of launch for a while now, and in the process we have identified the need to educate not only our interns and new supporters but also to have tools that we can rely on quickly and cheaply.

We are going to be releasing some of these tools to help extend a persons understanding of space technologies and help bring greater awareness of the space industry as a whole. These tools will be in the form of products that can be purchased such as our Cubesat frames, programming code examples for our kits that provide individuals the opportunity to go through a satellite and launch operator experience and also providing individual components to help allow the makers and hackers to get their space projects moving faster.

We hope you will keep an eye on us as we release new content in the following weeks and months. Feedback is something we appreciate, so feel free to drop us comments to our email.


Patrick Wangeducation